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CTW Booth Mask Stick


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CTW Booth Mask Anti Dust Paint is used as a protection against overspray in the paint booth. It protects booth walls and lighting systems.  Booth Mask Stick is a water-based, bio-degradable sprayable coating that dries to a transparent, tacky film. Applied with a gravity-fed spray gun for water-based paints. It ensures protection for 3 months or 150 painting cycles. Comes in 5L (~1.25 Gallon) container.

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CTW Booth Mask Anti Dust Paint is a water-based, sprayable masking that protects spray booth surfaces against paint overspray. It is safe for use on all non porous surfaces. It forms a film which does not completely dry at ambient temperatures and can be easily washed off with water or a pressure washer. Improves paint finish by reducing dust, and dramatically reduces booth cleaning times.


  1. Clean or refinish booth walls in order to achieve optimum lighting conditions. Make sure surfaces are completely dry.
  2. Fill Spray Gun (nozzle size 1.9-2.2mm) with Booth Mask Stick and adjust the pressure according to recommended equipment adjustment. Adjust booth temperature to 70 degrees F.
  3. Apply a wet coat to all booth surfaces including glass and lights. Avoid runs, drips or beads.
  4. Let dry (approximately 10 minutes), then apply a 2nd coat. After 2nd coat dries, apply a 3rd coat to high overspray areas only. Allow surfaces to dry completely.
  1. Allow the booth to cool to a temperature of 70 degrees or lower.
  3. Using a hose or pressure washer, spray water onto all surfaces. Allow water to stand and soak in for five minutes.
  4. Using a wash mitt or brush, scrub areas with extra heavy overspray. Some areas may require the use of a scuff pad to break up any thick layer of overspray which would prevent water from penetrating. Rinse off the remaining overspray.
  5. Using compressed air, blow away water from all lights and glass surfaces. Allow booth to dry. Remove water from the booth floor with a squeegee. Make sure all surfaces are dry before re-applying Booth Mask Stick.

Booth Mask Stick - Safety Data Sheet

Weight12.5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 6 × 12 in

5L (~1.25 Gallons)


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