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CTW Spray Gun Adapters


CTW Spray Gun Adapters offers adaptors to many of the common spray guns to the CTW Spray Cup System. Check the lower description for a list of possible guns and the optimal adapter.

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CTW Spray Gun Adapters convert typical spray guns into ones that work with disposable paint gun cup systems like CTW or 3M Paint Preparation System (PPS). These adapters allow painters to use disposable paint gun cups with virtually any spray gun. Stainless steel adapters offer exceptional durability. To use this adapter, remove the existing metal spray gun cup, connect the adapter, and then connect the disposable cup to the adapter.

The most popular adapters are A1, A2, A3 and A4. These cover the majority of spray guns currently in use in most shops. The following bullets show these adapters and the paint guns that they work with. There is a more comprehensive chart further down the page showing all current paint guns and adapters.

Part Numbers

Part No. SPSAS/SPSA Size Description
CSA-1 A1 3M #2 For Velocity / Italco/ Star / Iwata W400 / Warwick. Suits most other brands fitted with a male gun thread.
CSA-2 A2 3M #15 For Devilbiss / Warwick / Velocity VRM. Suits most other brands fitted with a female gun thread.
CSA-3 A3 3M #40 For Sata QCC
CSA-4 A4 3M #43 For Iwata WS400 (Super Nova)
CTW Spray Gun Adapters List

CSA-1 (A1), CSA-2 (A2), CSA-3 (A3), CSA-4 (A4)


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