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TriTech Airless Hoses – High Pressure


TriTech airless hoses are manufactured to meet the requirements of demanding work environments. Tough urethane cover resists abrasion and a special bonding process helps keep these hoses flexible and reduce coiling and kinking. Spring guards help prevent kinking at the connections of your pump and gun.

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TriTech Airless Hoses are available in different lengths and sizes, check the sizing chart to match your requirements.

Here are some product features for TriTech high pressure airless hoses:

  1. High Pressure Rating: TriTech High Pressure airless hoses are built to withstand high pressure levels, ensuring efficient paint delivery without compromising the integrity of the hose.
  2. Durable Construction: These hoses are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear, abrasion, and chemical degradation. This ensures long-lasting performance, even in demanding painting environments.
  3. Flexibility and Maneuverability: TriTech High Pressure airless hoses offer flexibility and ease of maneuverability, allowing painters to reach tight spaces and navigate around obstacles effortlessly.
  4. Anti-Kink Technology: The hoses may incorporate anti-kink technology, preventing twists and kinks that can interrupt the paint flow and cause inefficiencies.
  5. Lightweight Design: These hoses are designed to be lightweight, reducing fatigue for the user during prolonged painting projects. This feature enables greater mobility and ease of handling.
  6. Compatibility: TriTech High Pressure airless hoses are designed to be compatible with a wide range of airless paint sprayers, ensuring a seamless connection and optimal performance.
  7. Easy Maintenance: TriTech High Pressure airless hoses are designed for easy maintenance, allowing for quick cleaning and unclogging when necessary. This feature minimizes downtime and ensures continuous productivity.
  8. Length Options: These hoses are available in different lengths to accommodate various painting projects, providing flexibility and convenience for different job requirements.
  9. Swivel Fittings: Some hoses may feature swivel fittings that rotate freely, reducing strain on the hose and enabling easy movement without twisting or tangling.
  10. Markings and Color-Coding: TriTech High Pressure airless hoses may have markings and color-coding to indicate pressure ratings, length, and other important information, facilitating easy identification and selection.
  11. Heat Resistance: These hoses are designed to withstand high temperatures generated during the painting process, ensuring reliability and preventing hose failure.
  12. Leak-Proof Connections: TriTech High Pressure airless hoses may feature leak-proof connections, preventing paint leakage and ensuring consistent spray patterns.

It’s important to note that the specific features may vary depending on the model and specifications of TriTech High Pressure airless hoses. It’s recommended to refer to the product documentation or contact the manufacturer for detailed information about a particular model.


1/8" x 3', 1/8" x 5', 1/8" x 15', 1/8" x 25', 1/8" x 50', 3/16" x 3', 3/16" x 25', 1/4" x 50', 3/8" x 25', 3/8" x 50'


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